Great Commuter Backpack The Arc’Teryx Sebring 25

After a number of months using the Arcteryx Sebring 25 litre backpack, I wanted to share with you my high level review and thoughts whether or not this is a fantastic commuter pack or a below average backpack for the wilderness.

Pack Breakdown

The Arcteryx Sebring is a 25 Litre daypack that you can use in urban & wilderness hiking. It comes in one size and has four color variations (as of October 2016): black, red (orange), blue & green.

Padded shoulder straps, bottom and backpanel makes this a comfortable pack. The sternum strap offers a few options to adjust the height of the strap across your chest.

Big zippers can be found to access the top, main and side pockets (compartments). Great for cold weather where you are wearing gloves. the biggest feature which I love are the handles on the top, bottom & sides. This is great when you are commuting where you can grab your pack anyway you want.

The side pockets can accommodate a 750ml water bottle but note that whatever space you take up in the side pockets is space that is taken away in the main compartment. I tend to use these side pockets for dirty items like work gloves, yak trax.

The top pocket is where you want to keep most of your quick access items. I tend to put pretty much everything in there. You can also use the pocket organizer, but due to how you open the backpack (using its clam shell open) I found that everything fell out. So I would opt for a smaller pouch or bag to keep things tidy. On the reverse side (inside the main compartment) is a zipper pocket that includes a key clip.

The main compartment is nice and large. The open access it provides when the pack is lying flat is nice when you are using the pack for an overnight or weekend trip. You also have a hydration bladder sleeve and clip which i found puzzling since there is no slot to pull the tube out of the pack. So you will have to zip open the pack.However I found the sleeve to work better to store my tablet, notebook or whatever papers I need to store away.


I find this pack to be very efficient for urban and weekend traveling. When full, the pack can slide under the seat when on an airplane and has enough capacity to carry whatever you need from home to the office.


I find this pack sits lower on my shoudlers than other packs. So low that the bottom of the pack rubs against my belt line. I can see some wear where this is happening. This is an issue for me as when you carry heavier items in the pack, the weight is more at the bottom as compare to the middle of the back which I prefer personally.

The second item is that while the mesh padded back panel is nice and molds around your back; it is not breathable. If you are in t-shirt weather and hiking for more than 15 minutes, you can guarantee your entire back is gonna get sweaty. Not much of an issue when you have a few layers.


I use the Arc’Teryx Sebring 25 backpack for my monday to friday commute and weekend trips. I do not use this for any type of hiking. There are much better options out there for day hikes.