Great Value For Money The Cold Steel Trail Boss Camping or Bushcraft Axe Product Review

I wanted an affordable axe that I could take a beating to but wanted a nice summer like the grandfors or hultafor axe which are about twice or more expensive.

The Trail Boss from Cold Steel ended up being a nice find. It’s been on the market for a few years, but needed something that could do dirty jobs and not worry about keeping it in pristine condition due to the price.

Overall I found this axe to be a great addition to camp, clearing trail and other tree cutting tasks. I needed a sharpening stone as the axe came out of the box rather dull. A quick 10 min session gave it enough of an edge that I could get some work done.

Getting dark a lot quicker in the woods tonight. Clipped the @robocopp on the backpack #outdoors #gear #safetygear

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Cold steel trail boss axe

European style head with 4.5 inch cutting edge featuring American hickory for the handle.

The specs
2 lbs 9.5 oz.
1055 carbon
26 inch lengt
circle wedges

What I like about it
Great look
Does the job around camp
Easy carried in pack
No wiggle after usage
Can even throw it like a tomahawk

Some negatives
Came fairly dull
Paint seems to chip off easy

Quick overnight at Baxter while visiting family in the madawaska republic.

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