Hammock Camping Suspension – Marlin Spike Hitch & Whoopie Slings

In this video, I’ll quickly go over 2 new items that I will be incorporating into my hammock suspension.

Last year, I moved to a webbing using a clove hitch & water knot. Both worked well, but the clove hitch took a bit of time to setup and adjust.




Thanks to by buddy Roland, I got a pair of whoopie slings, and did the conversion on my ENO single best hammock. Depending on the diameter of the tree, I will still use the webbing from last year, but kept the biners from the stock ENO suspension to use.

Marlin spike is the upgrade from the clove hitch. It is quick to setup and easy to adjust. In this demo, I used two sticks that I picked up from the ground, but some are using pre-cut pieces of metal or aluminium. Once the spike is in place, you can place the adjustable loop from the whoopie sling on top of the knot, and not on the spike.

We want the weight of the hammock distributed on the knot. Once done, we can adjust the whoopie sling accordingly.


Tieing a marlin spike hitch knot

Installing whoopie slings on a ENO hammock