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Heart Rate Training Tools: Garmin And Wahoo Fitness

In this video, I’ll show you the tools that I use when I am using Heart Rate Training with a running training plan. There are lots of variations and this setup is more for beginners and intermediate users who want to record their hear rate indoors & outdoors.

Using Your iPhone As A Hub

First thing is to have a hear rate strap, I’m using a Garmin heart rate strap with a Foreunner 610 since over 90% of my training will be outdoors. I want to record my distance, speed, pace & hear rate information. I find that keeping my workout history is great way to journal my training and monitor my progress.

The next tool I use is an iPhone 4. Naturally, I use it for communication, music player and maps.

What about when you need to run inside on a treadmill or track? Well with the iPhone, I can use a Wahoo Fitness run/gym pack and record my heart rate to my iPhone using the wahoo fitness app.

The other benefit of using wahoo is that I can transfer from my Foreunner to the iPhone and share to any social running site. This is great! I don’t have to sync with my computer during my training and can upload as soon as I’m done my run.

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