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Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket As A Shelter

In this video, I will demonstrate two options to setup your heavy duty emergency blanket as A-frame shelter.

The first setup was to setup the A-frame then to fold the ends so that you are kinda in a burrito. Now in this example, I set my ridgeline too high, so that would need to be shorter.

Also the tarp is not very wide, so you could either setup the blanket so that you are sitting up, or wrap it around you for maximum coverage.

The second setup, I used one side of the A-frame and setup an awning and used the extra bits of rope to stake off using sticks. Again, I used the other end of the blanket to wrap under me. You could probably use some spruce branches to build a nest.

The blanket was purchases from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) for about 15$.

Why so low to the ground?

Since the blanket is small, we have to keep low to the ground. This is actually good since the less open space there is around you, the more body heat will be retained. And if things get ugly, you simply wrap the blanket around you for maximum heat retention.

All Weather Emergency Blanket

Weight: 285g

A plasticized outer layer reinforces this blanket, making it reusable and more abrasion-resistant. The silver metalized inner face reflects body heat back to the user. Corner grommets assist in rigging the blanket as a tarp or as a fire heat-reflector.

Dimensions are 1.52 x 2.13m.
Full edge binding protects against delamination.

made by Grabber Outdoors and is made in the USA.

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