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A Highly Customizable Folding Knife from Deejo

Here’s a nice looking minimalist knife I picked up on my last trip to Montreal last year. The Deejo knife is a curious blade. I took a while for me to get used to it as compared to my other EDC knives. The small, compact design and clip was an issue until I decided that it was best meant for front pant pocket.

I discovered that the knife could be customized when you ordered directly from Deejo, this to me is the best option as a gentlemen’s knife where this is something you will be keeping close to you to do food preparation or other intimate tasks.

If I was going to purchase a Deejo, I would be getting a the top weight, titanium finish, tattoo and a 35 character engraving with a wood handle.

Overall I think this is a great knife for light food prep and if you are an office type, this slips in many pockets with ease.

3 sizes /weights: 25, 27, 37 grams
420 stainless steel
3 finishes: mirror, grey or dark titanium
handle: none, nylon (multiple colors) , wood (multiple choice)
35 character engraving
over 20 tattoo blade designs

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