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How Loud Is Can-Am 2022 Defender HD7 Engine?

I’ll try to answer a question I’ve been getting on my other Can-AM 2022 Defender HD7 which is how loud is the engine noise? This is one of the things I was surprised by was how quiet it was next to other machines. I find that when operating in the 3200 RPM range you are still able to talk to your passenger in a somewhat louder volume than at idle and at your normal speaking volume.

To try answering this , I use my Apple Watch Noise app which should give us a decibel level that we can judge. I’ll also do a compare with other loud engines around the house.

I’ll use a 5500W generator running normally, then I’ll measure against a snowblower while at idle and at normal operating throttle, then finally compare the 2022 Defender engine while at idle, then at 4000 RPM.

I have measured while riding at 5300 RPM a value of 91db, but I assume wind noise also played a factor as I was travelling over 50 km/h

From the Apple Watch noise app the following decibel levels can have the following effects to you hearing:

OK – below 80db, should not affect your hearing
Loud – above 80db, consider ear protection.

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