How To Create & Transfer Waypoints, Tracks and Routes to Garmin Montana 700 series GPS Using Garmin Explore App

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

I’ll go over how you can use your Garmin Explore smartphone app to create and transfer waypoint, tracks, routes and courses.

This is handy when you are planning on the go using your smartphone and use bluetooth from your phone and Garmin Montana.


  1. Scroll over the map to the area you want to drop a waypoint pin. The Explore app may download via wifi maps of the area if they were not already loaded.
  2. Check the map settings so that you select your default collection. A collection is like a filter view of your Explore contents. You want to specify a collection for your device so that content created on either the Garmin Montana or in Explore are sync.
  3. Tap on the map to create a waypoint, you should see a pop-up that says that the new waypoint will be sync to your collection.

At this point it should be sent to your Montana, you can still edit your waypoint, the changes should be reflected when you save.


  1. Tap + icon on top left and create a course
  2. Tap on the map or on a waypoint to start the course. As you add points by tapping on the screen, if you are following a road or trail, the path will snap to the road or trail. But you can set this to be straight.
  3. You can shape the path by using the tools.
  4. When saving, you will get the same pop-up as when creating a waypoint.

You can swap map layers to help you define your map, for example you can view satellite imagery to confirm the map information if you have any doubts.

From the created Course, you can convert it to a TRACK or ROUTE. The easiest way to view your course is to go toy our library and view your collection and filter by type (track, route, course.

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