How to Export The Track Log From Your Garmin inReach Explorer

On your Delorme inReach Explorer, you have two types of track logs: the default 10 min track points that you can share with others using Mapshare and the 1 min detailed track log that you can view on the screen or using the Earthmate app.

But how can you export the detailed track log onto your computer in order to do some work with it? For example you want to make a topo map and add the trail detail, or even submit your track to openstreetmap.

In our example, we went out for a hike and turned on tracking. Once we done the hike we turned off tracking and if you are paired with a smartphone you can use the Earthmate app to sync your inReach device to ensure that the track log gets uploaded to the Explore or Enterprise portal. You can also use the Sync desktop app once you get back home.

Once you are synced, login into your Delorme portal and click on the Map tab. All inReach activity on your account is stored here, routes, waypoints, tracks etc…

You may have a busy map, we will need to use the map filters to get down to our latest track. Here we adjusted the date and message type. If you have a filter you want to keep for future reference, you can add bookmarks.

Once you have your filters setup, we can now EXPORT either as a KML or GPX file. We’ll choose GPX since our applications prefer this file type.

After the GPX file has downloaded to your computer, you can now use your application of choice and import the GPX file where you can now access the track and waypoints.

This morning task before the real weekend job is to log a hiking trail for the edition of the NS hiking trail guide ebook! #getoutside #hikingns #HikeNS #hiking #inreachlife

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