How To Import Google Maps Turn By Turn Directions Into Garmin Basecamp

We look at how to take Google Maps turn by turn directions or route and import that into Garmin Basecamp where you can then transfer to your garmin device. Many, especially motorcycle riders use this method to build their riding routes.

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Now with the new version of google maps, certain features got moved around, and if you are logged into your google account, you should be able to see MY SAVED MAPS when clicking on the mao search bar.

Now if you don’t it, then you can simple go to  via google maps What we need to do is create a directions map using map engine.

It's not as clear, but from Google Maps, you can reach MY MAPS to get started.
It’s not as clear, but from Google Maps, you can reach MY MAPS to get started.

Click on the ADD DIRECTIONS button and start to enter in the left column box, the way points or addresses you want to map along your route. Google map will start to create the turn by turn directions.

Once done, you can click on the FOLDER icon and select EXPORT TO KML. We want to export the directions we’ve just created. Once the file has been downloaded to our computer, we can now switch to GARMIN BASECAMP and import the KML file into our collection.

FILE | IMPORT via Garmin Basecamp

Now you should see the track and waypoints. From this point, you should be able to work with the data; create routes from the track or waypoints and transfer the data to your Garmin device.