How To Install Garmin Tread On 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender HD7

I decided it was time to install the mounting hardware so that I can start using my Garmin Tread while riding trails on my 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender HD7.

The Garmin tread comes with all the hardware you need to mount and wire the device to your PowerSport machine such as a side-by-side, UTV or ATV. Based on your machine build or installed accessories like a full windshield, you may need to get additional parts such as it was in my case.

Not All Parts Would Fit

That’s because the Garmin Tread provides a pipe clamp with a 1 inch RAM ball mount. This leads you to want to mount the device either on the left driver side or top roll bar. However, on the Can-Am Defender or other utility side-by-sides, you may not have a pipe or if you have an accessory such as a full windshield – then the provided clamp does no good. It will fit perfectly on the back roll bar for an action camera. That meant that I needed to adapt my install accordingly.

I ended up buying additional parts to complete the installation:

  1. Ram AMPS mount plate for 1-inch ball
  2. 4 3/4″ self-tapping screws
  3. 2 M6 screws

Then I looked up the instructions for Can-Am GPS mount kit which you can follow via and with the part number (715003325), you can view or print the instructions as a guide.

This installation will wire your Garmin Tread to the keyed power bus bar located behind the switch panel inside the cab so that you won’t be draining your battery if the device is still mounted.

The overall steps I followed to complete this install was fairly straightforward, simply take your time as you will be cutting and playing with the electrical.

Overall Steps

  1. Peel off the safety sticker on the dash to reveal the 4 dimples where you need to drill pilot holes for the RAM ball AMPS mount
  2. Pull off the front switch panel to reveal the front bus bar where you can hook up your power leads instead of fishing the wires to the front.
  3. Remove the 2 screws on your shifter cover so that you can fish your cable
  4. Cut a notch to accommodate the power cable on the shifter cover
  5. Terminate the leads of the provided power cable and leads
  6. Snap everything back together on the dash switch panel and screw in the shifter cover
  7. Start up your machine and verify that your GPS is powered.