KA-BAR BK-11 Mods

Based on the comments from my initial review, I did three modifications to by BK-11 becker necker knife. I’ve started using it a lot more during my hikes and I just love it. Here’s what I did, bare in mind that I went for functionality rather than looks.


1. Simple cord for horizontal & vertical carry
2. Scales using tulipwood
3. leather sheath base on the provided sheath

1. Great comment on my google +, to simply tie a short cord as shown in the video on the supplied sheath to allow you a quick & dirty methos to carry vertical or horizontal.

2. After seeing a few videos and the more I used the knife, the more I needed something instead of the skeleton handle. Bought for 6$ pieces of tulipwood and simply glued and carved out the shape. I still have some work to do, but overall working out great.

3. Since my saled mod could affect how the factory sheath might hold the knife, I decided to make a simple leather sheath.