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KEEN Footwear For Hiking

On a previous channel update, I had announced that KEEN Footwear Canada will be supporting the channel and as a result they sent me 4 pairs of shoes. I chose models which I think would represent well the hiking environment here in Nova Scotia.


I’ll show you what I got but will do individual reviews once I get a few kms.

1. 3 season everyday light hiker I chose the Wichita trail shoes. So far great urban, light trail shoe.

2. For longer hikes and waterproof I chose the Verdi Mid hiking boot. Very light, keeps my feet dry, very impressed with this so far.

3. Once the weather warms up and for paddling, the new CNX sandals. Much lighter than their traditional sandal.

4. For the office and the trail, USA made Nopo Lace. Treated leather and waterproof this is for office, urban situation but also you hit the trail with these.

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