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Keysmart 2.0 Product Review

Quick product review of Keysmart 2.0, which you can get via their website at

This started out as a kickstarter project originally and you can find similar items, but I think this does it right by keeping it simple. Here I’m using the standard 3-4 keys model.

It come with the key loop and spacers if you are missing keys or it is not flush. And that is the key to this product, stacking the keys so that it is flush to properly screw everything in.

The keysmart also comes in an extended version (for longer keys) and different length screws to fit up to 100 keys. The default model can fit 3-4 keys, but the key ring takes up a slot, so you have 3 keys. If you have more, I’d look at getting a larger capacity version.

The aluminium plates comes in various colors and a titanium version is available. Other accessories includes bottle opener, USB key.

You may need to organize the keys based on preference and deployment. Can you use this with one hand? Yes, depending on the tension on the stainless steel screws, you’ll be able to flick out a key (based on what kind of key you have).

Overall, I think this is a great product. I haven’t needed to tension the screws after using it for a few months. The absence of the key jingle is great, coupling with a belt loop makes for a great EDC look. For activities like running or hiking, securing the keys in a smaller pocket or clip is easy.

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