Magellan Echo Smartwatch Tutorials

How to Reset

In this video, we’ll go over the steps to reset your Magellan Echo in case of it freezing up or the display is unresponsive. Note that this will reset your settings and you will need to sync again once you pair with a compatible app such as Wahoo fitness.

Simply HOLD ALL BUTTONS for up to 5 seconds or more until the display goes blank or the tone where you will see the startup screen.

From here, you should see the QR code to scan, this will being you to the documentation online. Or you can press the RECORD button to enter pairing mode.


How to Pair with Wahoo Fitness

We are going to look at how to pair your Magellan Echo using the Wahoo Fitness iPhone app.

First thing is to get the Echo into pairing mode, we do this by holding down the backlight button. Now we open up the Wahoo Fitness app.

Tap TOP LEFT icon to see all the sensors, look at WATCH/DISPLAY, tap on PAIR to start the process. You will see a message on your Echo asking you to pair with your iPhone, press on the RECORD button to accept. Once done, you will the number count from the Wahoo Fitness app change from 0 to 1.

From here the watch will sync, and we can go into the running workout settings to further customize the Echo such as assigning buttons and data screens.


How to Update Firmware

In this video, we’ll go over the steps to upgrade the firmware on your Magellan Echo using Magellan Echo Utility iOS Application. We will assume that you’ve already paired it using a compatible fitness app like Wahoo Fitness.

First start by pairing the watch to your smartphone (iPhone 5s in this case) and open the Fitness app. Here we see an alert that new software is available. If you haven’t done so, the app will bring you to the app store where you will need to downloand the Magellan Echo utility app.

PAIR the watch with the Echo utility app and from here, the app should direct you to download & install the firmware update.

To complete the process, you may want to turn on/off the bluetooth on your phone, then switch back to Wahoo Fitness and let the watch pair again and you should be good to go.