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Maho Beach Takeoffs And Landings St. Maarten

Maho Beach on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten is a unique place to watch planes takeoff and land. Princess Juliana International Airport’s runway is right next to the beach. Due to the fairly short runway, planes must land very close to the end of the runway, as close to the beach as possible, creating great opportunities to watch jumbo jets land right over your head.


When those same airplanes take-off, people actually stand right behind it and get to experience the full force of the jet blast.

In this video you will see several planes take off and land, including an Air France Airbus 340, Westjet Boeing 737 and full take-off action of an American Airlines Boeing 757.

If you arrive to the island by cruise ship, make sure you take a taxi to the beach. Not only will you enjoy a great beach with nice waves, but you will have the unique experience of watching all these airplanes takeoff and land, while enjoying a beer from the bars at either end of the beach.

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