Making a Winter Campfire Mink Oil & Cotton Firestarter

Quick demo on how to start a campfire in the winter and also to talk about the firestarter used. The campsire was built first by laying a row of sticks as the base. this will keep it off the snow and allow for air flow. Then it’s the usual method to build the camp fire.

For the firestarter, I used a quilted cotton pad dipped in mink oil. I’v been using it and while it’s not the cheapest method out there, I do like how it burns. In this instance the wood was a bit frozen, and the few minutes it burnt allowed time for the twigs to dry and start burning.

I also used a variation that I saw used by sousaville for his fire starters which is to take 2 pads and insert a dry piece of cotton inside. This would double the burn time. The thing is you still need a part of the cotton pad that is not saturated in order for a flame to catch.