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MSR EGK EX Multi Fuel Stove

Tried out a multi-fuel stove from MSR.

This is one of their extreme condition stove. White Gas, Kerosene & Diesel are the recommended fuels.



I tried with the same fuel for alcohol stove and it didn’t work out at all. Stick with the recommended fuels. This thing makes a lot of noise, but once you get it going, it produces a lot of heat. With experience you can boil water in no time.For this test, I didn’t use the wind screen as much as I should, so my boil time is probably longer than for most.

Overall I likes this stove, heavy duty construction, will fit a 10cm zebra pot or a 12 inch cast iron skillet. It’s pretty noisy, more like a jet engine. I don’t have a lot of experience with these types of stove, but it seems that you can use it and cook for 3-4 days no problem. in the back country in normal weather. I didn’t test this in the winter.

From the manufacturer website

Package includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle not included.)


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