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How to Navigate Using Flagging Tape

I mentioned in a previous video to include flagging tape or trail tape to your pack. The reason is to be use as a navigation tool to help you stay on course.

I had previously shown you how two people could navigate using the leap frog technique to stay on course, but if you are alone, you will flagging tape to help you mark your path along the way and help you to stay on bearing.

Once you get a lock on your bearing to travel, you usually fix your gaze to an object to help guide you like a tree. Once you cross a tree that is in your path, we can use that as a candidate to mark with our tape.

We want to use LOTS of tape. The reason is because we want this tape to be visible from a great distance. Very useful when navigating around a water obstacle.

Once you tag a tree with the tape, take your bearing again and continue on your path. Tag another tree that is along your course.

Now once you have more than two trees tagged, all we need to do is to line up the taps so that it is in a straight line. That way you can stay in course.

Made a mistake? just go back to your last tree and take your bearing again.

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