Nomad Gourmet Food Truck – Part 2

Fusion Cuisine On Wheels is the motto for the latest addition to Halifax’s gourmet food truck scene. Nick Horne, the owner of Nomad Gourmet, tells us about the types of foods they smoke in house, including brisket, pork, chicken, Sweet Williams sausages and even celery root!


Matt MacIsaac, the chef, shows us his amazing bacon jam, as well as the great tacos he makes on the truck

Be sure to visit Nomad Gourmet’s website at:

From the website: “Nomad Gourmet is a next generation food truck which offers street vending of gourmet food to hungry Haligonians on the go. Our health-conscious meals made slowly from scratch. We serve restaurant quality fusion cuisine at a fast pace and a decent price. Nomad does not stick to a particular cuisine, our menu will shift often with seasonality.”

Thanks to Jim Cyr for the help in shooting the videos!

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