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Not Since Moses 10k run 2009

You know, there are a handful of races in Nova Scotia where it is worth the price to attend and complete the distance. One of those raves is the annual Not Since Moses race in Five Islands. This is the only race I know that was postponed due to the lunar cycle.


Video from race day at the 2009 edition of Not Since Moses at Five Islands, Nova Scotia. Check out my garmin connect track file of the course (google maps to satellite) This was on June 28, 2009 where only the 10k race was scheduled. June 27th had both the 5k & 10k on deck. This was a unique experience, walking along the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy. The terrain was varied and the mud was about 2 inches or so deep, so it wasn’t as bad as some made it out to be. You can run a good time, but the point is to enjoy the views. I did not expect to do my usual time. The “Not Since Moses Race” 5km and 10km June 27, 2009 Definitely a return experience.

Back when the race was truly insane.
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