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Nova Scotia Hiking Trails Finder

[info_message style=”info”]Important Notice: The NSTrails app will sunset on by December 31 2017. The app will be removed from the iTunes app store by September 31 2017. Trail information will be moved over to the Nova Scotia Trail Guide eBook Thanks to all fans of the app who’ve supported this project for the last 5 years. [/info_message]


iOS Screenshots

Recently Added Trails

February 3 2017

The app has been last updated in 2016 with a number of new trails added. Plan to update to iOS 10 has been identified.

November 22 2014

ADDED 3 trails

August 17 2014

ADDED 2 trails

June 4 2014

ADDED 1 trail

June 3 2014

ADDED 4 trails

May 5 2014

ADDED 2 trails

Novemer 4 2013

ADDED 3 trails 

October 17 2013

ADDED 4 trails 

August 30 2013

ADDED 14 trails 

April 10 2013

The latest version of the app includes a number of tweaks, continuing on the idea of providing a simple way to find & get to all of the wonderful hiking areas in the region.

Try These Popular Hiking Trails in Nova Scotia

(included in the NS Trails app – BOLD)

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