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Ocean Kayak Caper Classic Review

We did a two day portage & paddle trip and our friends at Trail Shop in Halifax hooked us up with a couple of kayaks to try out.



Check out the links below for additional information about the trip and the other kayak we used.

Our trip consisted of paddling about 20km and portage across the lakes of about 4km. We planned an overnight in a Yurt, so didn’t need as much gear as regular tent camping.

Overall, I found the Ocean Kayak Caper very stable, easy to get in &out which was good for the portages as most of them weren’t the easiest to get to. I was able to store pretty much all of my gear in the front hatch. I was surprised how much room it had.

If I had planned better, I could have fit everything inside including sleeping bag & pad. That being said, the hatch is not water proof. Waves went over the deck during rough waters and water did get in to get the dry sacks a little wet. But overall did fairly well.

The drainage holes (scupper) worked great especially when the water was coming up on the front deck. The holes under the seat were only an issue when you entered the boat saddle like.

I didn’t find it tracked overly well in breezy conditions, I had to work a little harder to stay on track, however over clam waters it was easy to paddle.

More about the trip, check out the playlist, which includes packing, the trip etc…


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