Opinel and Laguiole Knives

In this video we will look at a couple French designed knives that were popular in my youth since there was a trend back in the 80’s was to go to France and bring back one of these knives. And I wanted one.


So I finally added them to my collection. I don’t use them as part of my EDC, just didn’t work out based on my needs and how I carry knives.

The first knife is the Opinel knife, from Savoie region of France. This is a very simple knife, typically with a birch handle and very few parts. The only design change was the addition of the safety collar. Used for light tasks in farming or headring circles, you can find this brand easily and they have many variations on this design.

The other knife is a Laguiole. This refers to the region of France where this design came out. Originally based on a Spanish design, this knive is known for the craftmanship and detail. Used by farmers for light duty and kitchen use.

Now the interesting thing is that while Opinel protected the name, that wasn’t done. Probably because it is a region, like Champagne. So there are a lot of similar named products out there. So if you are getting this knife, you may want to decide if you want an authenitc made in France or imitation.