What to Pack For A Day Hike

In this video, I’ll show the items I would pack for a day hike. This will include the Essential Hiking Items along with a few luxury items that I have been carrying, but you can customize these items per your liking.

We’ve covered in a previous video the essential hiking items, how you can pack most of them in a small possibles pouch so that you can carry them on your body, leaving more room in your pack.

I’m using a 25L pack from Eureka, so you don’t need a large pack.

The essentials:
Map & compass
lighter, matches
Headlamp or other light
First Aid Kit
Extra Food & Water
Extra Clothes/Layers
Rain Suit

We still have lots of room for a number of additional items, or more supplies (water & food) if we are hiking with a buddy or with a dog.

For my luxury items (you can customize as per your liking), I’ve been carrying these items this year: hammock & webbing, trail tape, bug dope, solar panel & battery charger, delorme inreach, garmin fenix & dog bowl.

With these items, we should be prepared and able to handle any emergency situation for a few hours or an overnight until help comes.

What are you luxury items? Put them down in the comments.