Paddle & Portage – Packing

We go over the packing list of what I’m bringing for the two day paddle & portage trip.





We’ll be spending an overnight in a Yurt, so that means even less stuff to bring. My paddle partner Todd (dragonflyhiker) is joining me, so we decided to split the load. Make sure you watch his video also.

Comment what you think I’m missing.

Todd’s packing video video 

Watch our last backcountry trip

Kayaks were supplied by The Trail Shop, located in Halifax with a location in Wolfville Nova Scotia. 

My packing list

  • Water filter
  • garbage bags
  • toiletries
  • personal cooking kit
  • GPS
  • wattle bottle
  • camelback 2litre bladder
  • animal deterrent
  • headlamp & candle lantern
  • radio, deck of cards
  • emergency blanket
  • map, compass & whistle
  • bic lighter, fire steel, fire starter
  • extra batteries
  • hatchet, knives & leatherman multi tool
  • amateur radio
  • rope & biners
  • silnylon tarp & rope
  • rain suit
  • booties
  • dry sacks
  • tilley hat
  • buff headwear
  • thermarest basecamp
  • sleeping bag


Food List (so far)

  • dehydrated hamburger, mushrooms, potatoes & green beans
  • mountain house
  • single use coffee bags



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