Rogers Hill Trail

In this video, we join in a guided historical hike along Rogers Hill trail. This 8km segment is part of the Cape to Cape Footpath, where the trail will run from Cape Chignecto to Cape George, across mainland Nova Scotia.

Woodville Hiking Trails

We spent a few hours in the Annapolis valley by hiking the trails in Woodville. These are maintained by the local mountain biking club. These are well maintained trails and well marked.After our hike we drove up to Halls Harbour and took a dip in the bay of fundy.

Hypothermia 101

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when inner body temperature drops more than two degrees below normal. It means the body is seriously cold and losing heat faster than it can produce it. The body loses body heat four ways: Conduction, Convection, Radiation & Evaporation. When people begin to lose heat from exposure, they will shiver… Continue reading Hypothermia 101

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