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PART 2 – Deep Dive into the 80’s 1981


Oh yeah! part 2 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1981 with Jocelyn.

We focused a lot on the movies from that year. That year where movie ratings started to matter, where some of us could sneak into movies while I was getting shocked by Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which still holds up nicely and deserves a viewing.

Drive-in’s were starting to be on the downturn. Cannonball Run was probably the last of its kind, where if you were to search for clips on youtube, still fantastic to watch. But who can forget my story about how I watched Porky’s in a flooded basement.

James Bond is still Roger Moore with his over the top movies, For Your Eyes Only including Sheena Easton title track keeping me up at night.

Can’t forget about Microsoft MSDOS version 1. Shipped on objects known as the save icon today. MTV music video station debuted.

and a bunch more stuff….



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