PART 3 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1982

Here we go as we deep dive into 1982, part of our series into this decade. We found out that this year was a big year for us. E.T. of course was a big movie at the time, you either watched it in a cinema or at the drive-in.

The top song that year from Joan Jett which was huge. Try to list another one? Big duos and keyboards started to come out. Human League had a big video. Which you hear more often than those duos.

But what stood the test of time? Poltergeist.. huge! How many movie have taken bits from this flick. Our horror movie era.

We also talk about some of the news headlines and other things that we still remember.



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By Jim Cyr

Exploring Nova Scotia with a constellation of satellites to guide me along the way. Producing hiking, outdoors, local drink & food videos, you can find Jim's contributions on and a few other places. Jim carries a ZOLEO Satellite Communicator for all of his outdoor adventures.

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