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Performance Flexibility for Runners

Dr. Jason Gray

ISBN: 9780986653414

Category: Sports & Recreation / Running & Jogging

Tight muscles and joints make efficient running impossible as they block the key motions and movement patterns needed for optimal running technique. Not only will this affect your running performance by making your stride less efficient, but it will also accelerate the strain on your body and increase your chances of becoming injured. Performance Flexibility for Runners is a complete stretching and flexibility program created specially for runners, designed to reduce injury and improve distance, power, and performance.

This eBook is optimized for iBooks and is best viewed on an iPad or Apple macbook or iMac.

What’s In The eBook

Using iBooks, you will take advantage of the multi-touch to explore the 58 images related to each stretch along with 32 minutes of instructional video using.

Chapter titles include:

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