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Possibles Bag

 What essential hiking items can we fit into this bag?

In this video we take a look at the medium possibles bag, a headmade leather pouch made by a fellow youtuber (

I’ve had this pouch for a few months and never knew what to do with it due to the size. In my last EDC video, I looked at 2 hour hikes using the Ribz front pack, but as the weather is warming up and the hikes are getting longer, I kept raiding the Ribz to take a few items to go into the other packs.

So I thought the possibles bag would be a great way to carry these small, essential items, and just grab it and whichever pack I needed. As always, I’m looking at your comments as what you would put in here. Here are the items that I’ve decided to put in. Buff, bic lighter, fire steel, survival bracelet, 2 AA batteries, Leatherman Blast, compass, whistle & LED light, rope. Instead of using the TEKLOCK I decided to clip on carabiners to the paracord loops to clip the pouch on either a pack or on my pant belt loops. This has worked out great for me and the items are not heavy.

Recent study done by state of vermont – state of preparedness of hikers entering the white mountains.

The 10 essential hiking items (as per the study):

From the website

Medium Possibles Pouches

These moulded leather possibles pouches offer a generous amount of space for all your bushcraft or hunting essentials. They have a grid of eyelets on the back allowing different types of belt loops to be attached such as a fixed loop, snap off loop or drop loops.

You can also attach a large tek-lok which gives you easy an easy and secure way to take the pouch quickly on and off your belt or mount it to PALS/MOLLE webbing.

It is possible to move the loop or tek-lok up and down the eyelets giving various different ride heights (above, below or level with the waist line). Finally you can use a strap to turn the pouch into a small shoulder bag.

The interior size is approximately 6.75″(w) x 5″(h) x 1.75″(d) = 59 cubic inches (0.97L)

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