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Primus Classic Trail vs BCB Crusader Cup

This is a very unscientific comparison of the Primus Classic Trail and the BCB Crusader Cup. My goal is not to see which is better. The 2 stoves are vastly different. The Crusader Cup is ideal for short hikes or overnight trips while the Primus is much better for long haul hikes.

 This is mainly me experimenting with different kinds of fuel in the Crusader Cup and doing a side by side against a traditional LPG stove set up. These are my two solo kits and I am basically just having fun. 


Break down of set ups – Weight only 

Crusader Cup: 290 grams

Crusader Cooker: 135 grams

InstaFire Fuel: 50 grams per session (can boil 1 liter) 

Total Weight: 475 grams


Primus Classic Trail Stove: 227 grams

Primus Primus LITECH Trek Kettle Pot: 255 grams

Primus 230 Butane/Propane Canister: 340 grams (can boil 15 liters)

Total Weight: 822 grams


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