Prosciutto & Coppa – Charcuterie Ratinaud

Prosciutto crudo is arguably the best and most well-known of the cured, uncooked hams of the world. Discover how Frédéric Tandy of Charcuterie Ratinaud in Halifax has duplicated this age old technique in his shop on Gottingen Street. You will learn how the meat is prepared, cured and aged to become transformed this delectable treat.


We also taste the Coppa, which was just released a week ago. The coppa comes from a shoulder cut of the pork, and is flavoured with Nova Scotia juniper berries from Pelley Foods, and ground nutmeg. It is moist and very flavourful!

Joining me in this video are also Tom Crilley from Charcuterie Ratinaud, as well as two of the Avoiding Chores gang, Todd Beal and Jim Cyr.

You can find Charcuterie Ratinaud at 2082 Gottingen St. in Halifax. 902.446.8222
@ratinaudhfx on Twitter and Facebook.

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