Running With a Baby Stroller

When Can I Start Running With The Stroller?

Basically you need to wait until your child has the proper neck strength and did all of his/her required tummy time. That means somewhere between 6-12 months. For our child, we waited 8 months.

What You Can Do Before The Child Is Ready for Running?

Think of your stroller walks as the road to build up your capacity, especially after giving birth. Great tip! The stroller gets heavier every week! You’ll be working on your legs, core, glutes along with your cardio fitness. Might as well add in a stretching routine. Whenever the little bundle of joy is ready for the running stroller, you will be ready with your 5k clinic.

Get Your Go-Bag Ready

Prepare a separate bag for the stroller to contain the essentials. You will be pushing the stroller and you don’t need to haul as much stuff.

* Diapers
* Wipes
* Changing Pag
* Cream
* Disposal bags
* Snacks
* water bottle
* toys

Do you have special items for your Go-bag?

Plan Around Their Schedule

Last thing you want is to jettison your outing after getting everything packed up, you’ll have to work around the baby’s schedule to get out for a run.

What Else Do I Need With My Stroller

Depending where you will be running, having in tow a storm and/or bug guard will come in handy. A Storm guard comes in handy during the winter and cold windy days in the spring or fall.

For Winter running, you want to add some insulation, a piece of sheepskin wrapped round the seat will help cut the cold and keep the baby toasty warm.

What Other Piece of Gear Do You Use?

Running Tips

* Pick quiet route
* Pick terrain that matches the stroller wheels
* Don’t Over do it
* Work on your posture
* Keep arms relaxed
* Focus on your foot work while going up hill
* Careful while going down hill – HANG ON TO STROLLER
* Keep at least 1 hand on the stroller