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SPOT 2 Satellite GPS Messenger

Quick glance at the basic features of the SPOT 2 GPS Messenger, or simply SPOT 2. It has the basic features such as OK-check in, Custom message, track, asssited help & SOS.





Most users will probably only use the OK & custom message button. This provides one-way satellite communication to alert up to 10 email and/or cell phone numbers for SMS. When using one of the buttons, you have the option to customize a message and contact list.

You can also hook in your facebook & twiiter account. This makes it useful if you keep a small social network. Based on GPS reception, it might take up to 10 min to find the satellites and schedule a message to be sent.

Recipients will get an email with two links: link to spotadventures and a link to google maps if your recorded GPS location. You’ll have to setup your device on before you leave for your adventure. Unlike the SPOT Connect where you can use your iPhone to connect via bluetooth and customize the messages in the field.

This can be a good device when you only have 1 cell phone per household or travel in areas with no cell phone reception.

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