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  • Long Term Review of DECKED And New Truck Install

    Long Term Review of DECKED And New Truck Install

    I removed the DECKED drawer system that was in my 2016 Ford F-150 and into the 2021 version. I wanted to share my journey to remove and install into the new truck and my overall review of the product after 3 winters in Canada. I refer to the design change for F150 tie down that […]

  • Truck Camping With Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

    During our research for a new family camping tent, I looked at a few options where you pitch your tent over your truck bed. It looked interesting but we passed on it and bought the Kodiak Canvas Cabin Tent – which for family camping was a good choice. However, there are times during the shoulder […]

  • Garmin Speak Plus – A Dash-Cam With Amazon Alexa

    We are doing a quick overview and review of the Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa. This is essentially an Alexa enabled speaker that you install in your car or truck and with your smartphone data; you can access Alexa skills, stream music or utilize Garmin navigation. I’ll be installing the Garmin Speak in a […]

  • DECKED Storage System For Your Truck

    I got the DECKED storage system for my F150 truck as a way to get some storage but keep my truck bed open and not install a tonneau cover or truck cab. The install process is identical to the videos you see from DECKED with a few exceptions for the F150 or Tacoma where the […]