Garmin GPSMAP 62 – Customizing Profiles

  We’ll be looking at profiles on our garmin gpsmap 62. Let’s assume that we do a number of activities with our device, but need to customize the same screen based on activity.

How to Create a Garmin Custom Map

This is a tutorial on how to create a custom Garmin map by using google earth to create a KMZ file with an image overlay. Then take the KMZ file and drop it into your CustomMaps folder on your Garmin device. In this example, I am using a GPSMAP 62s.  

Garmin Montana 600 – How to Navigate Waypoints

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to mark a waypoint and navigate to it using the compass page. The compass page on the garmin montana 600 is very customizable and a lot of functions are in the drawer.

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