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Heart Rate Training 101

This will be updated with the latest information as the training plans have been tweaked since I last wrote this article.

How I Got Into Heart Rate Training

I’ve been using HR training while running for six years and been giving brief info talks on the subject to the running club. As a training tool, it may be useful for some. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information to go with the HR straps, but today with smartphones and web sites- the information is easier to find.

I’ll add the technical mumbo jumbo below, but heart rate training is really about conditioning your cardio fitness in order to push your fatigue level (the wall) towards the end of your run or beyond it.


How to Set up Heart Rate Training Zones Using Garmin Connect

Quick overview on how to setup your personal profile for heart rate training zones for your garmin forerunner 205,305, 405 or 310. Here, we just need to enter our date of birth and resting heart rate. The interface will do all of the calculations for us. Once done, the next time we sync our device, our profile will be downloaded to the device ready to be used against an advanced workout using heart rate zones.

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