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  • Carving A Knife Handle As A Winter Project

    One project I wanted to do over the winter was to get into carving out some knife handles since I had harvested a number of sticks this past fall. But instead of waiting for them to cure, I went to the hardwood specialty store down the road and got me some maple, white oak, cherry…

  • A Highly Customizable Folding Knife from Deejo

    Here’s a nice looking minimalist knife I picked up on my last trip to Montreal last year. The Deejo knife is a curious blade. I took a while for me to get used to it as compared to my other EDC knives. The small, compact design and clip was an issue until I decided that…

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Adventurer Camo

    In this video we will take a quick look at the Victorinox Swiss Army knife adventurer with the camo style nylon handles. This part of their 111mm series of knives featuring their updated design they’ve introduced several years ago. This knife is a 2 layer tool; there are a few variations with Centurion being the…

  • Becker Necker

    Becker Necker

    I wanted to add a neck knife to my collection and this model was recommended as a good starter.

  • CRKT M4-02W Folding Knife

    CRKT M4-02W Folding Knife

    Some of my initial reviews of CRKT M4-02W folding knife. Just got this a few weeks ago and I share my thoughts on the knife.