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  • Episode 21 – Business Continuity Plans

    [powerpress] This week the boys get back and compare notes from another week of isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. We talked about how life is in our areas, the lineup and what we are watching on the streaming services.

  • Episode 19 – Monkeys loose in a lab from a cocaine experiment

    [powerpress] That’s right! The band is getting back together cause too much monkey loose from a cocaine experiment news to not talk about!  

  • PART 6 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1985

    [powerpress] We are halfway through our deep dive into the 80’s where as teenage boys we were into wrestling, new coke, compact dics. Windows 1.0 came out, some of us started to get into the PC computers, dialling into BBS and downloading stuff like tetris.     Want to be a sponsor of this podcast? […]

  • PART 5 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1984

    [powerpress] 1984 was a big year, we were 12 and 17 where music took over our lives. So much pop culture came out in terms of movies, books, tv and the LA olympics. But on the flip side you had one of the worst man made disasters in India with over 20 thousand people dying. […]

  • PART 3 – Deep Dive Into The 80’s – 1982

    [powerpress] Here we go as we deep dive into 1982, part of our series into this decade. We found out that this year was a big year for us. E.T. of course was a big movie at the time, you either watched it in a cinema or at the drive-in. The top song that year […]

  • PART 2 – Deep Dive into the 80’s 1981

    [powerpress] Oh yeah! part 2 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1981 with Jocelyn. We focused a lot on the movies from that year. That year where movie ratings started to matter, where some of us could sneak into movies while I was getting shocked by Raiders of the Lost […]

  • PART 1 – 1980

    [powerpress] Oh yeah! part 1 of our deep dive into the 1980’s focusing on the year 1980 with Jocelyn. That was a long time ago, I was still a kid, Jocelyn was just getting into the swing of things as a teenager and discovering things like booze, drugs and women. He would say that he […]

  • The 1980’s Are coming Back!

    [powerpress] With Stranger Things coming back for a second season on Netflix, Jocelyn and I talked about how the 80’s itself is coming back hard. So we asked ourselves; what was the BEST year from the 80’s? You know what? we couldn’t do it! So we decided to do a DEEP DIVE into the 80’s […]

  • Frodo Lives!

    [powerpress]   We reflect on the 80th anniversary of the publishing of the classic book The Hobbit. We talked about when we first read the book, how the Peter Jackson movies nailed it with Lord of the Rings, but kinda whiffed it with The Hobbit trilogy since the book originally came out as a children’s […]

  • How Come We Don’t Want To Watch Horror Movies Anymore?

    [powerpress] After last episode where we talked about the movie IT, we continue the discussion about how we don’t have that urge to watch horror movies anymore as compared to when we were younger. Both of us were huge horror movie fans and we share some scary movie stories and some of our favorite films […]