Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 Tent Review

After nine good years as our primary family camping tent, it’s time to retire the
Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 tent. At time of recording, the tent is still available on Amazon as such I recommend it as a great budget tent for a young family of four or couple that want a lot of room but like to have one structure at camp.

There are three main requirements that we had when shopping for a new tent, which still holds today.


The tent has an overall footprint of 9.4 x 13.8 where the sleeping area is 8.5 x9.4 and the screen tent or vestibule area is 5.3 x9.4

The tent has 5 poles which you can get either in fiberglass or aluminium.

Peak height is 6.9



We really liked the idea of a single structure where the tent and vestibule could be integrated. This tent does well in this department. An included clip floor allows you to keep a clean tent area. The area is large enough to allow 2 adult camping chairs and either a kids chair, cooler or large dog. You still have room to move around. Also makes for a great change room when you get caught in rain.


As you get older, having high ceilings is just fantastic being able to stand up in the morning to change or move around. Peaks are 6 foot 9. Overall, the tent is great for people just under 6 feet tall.



Unlike many tents you see where the rain fly only covers a portion of the tent, we wanted a full rain fly so that any water could flow away from the tent.



One thing that we had to deal with out of the box was the alignment of the zipper for the tent/vestibule door. You always needed two hands to close it. Extra fabric created pockets where water would pool and drip inside the tent once the tape seams from the rain fly started to fail.

Other minor issues which came about just after long term usage was seeing the stiches in the floor open up, creating gaps. Now you can use duck tape but it’s time to retire this very good budget tent.


Learn more about the tent from Chinook’s web site


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Climber With Stay Glow Scales

I decided that I needed to purchase my very first swiss army knife a few months ago and saw this model at my local outdoor store. The Victorinox Climber with Stay Glow scales is a nice variation of this popular swiss army knife. When I think swiss army knife, this form & size is what comes to mind. Indeed this size is the most popular with seemingly endless tool configurations. This is a three layer tool and with the glow in the dark scales, was only found in North America. But I assume with online shopping, you can this isn’t a factor anymore.

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The Climber is essentially the Spartan by adding the Scissors. You will know the age of the knife as the multipurpose hook was added after 1991.

After a Few Months of Usage

This is my main monday to friday knife as part of my every day carry. The size while a bit bulky for my pocket, is great as a horizontal carry on my belt. I find that in my urban setting, this is a great alternative to something like the Leatherman Juice Cs4 which other than the pliers & saw I got the tool set I need.


The Tools

Layer Tools
Large Knife Blade
Small Knife Blade
Cap-Lifter/slotted screw-driver/wire-bender
Can Opener/small-slotted screw-driver that works with Phillips also
Back Layer Tools
Reamer/Awl with Sewing-eye
Multipurpose Hook
Keyring/Split-ring attachment point
Scale Tools


Physical Specifications

Length: 91mm
Width: 17mm – Stayglow scales model
Weight: 82.5g – Stayglow scales model


Osprey Syncro 15 – Day Hiking Backpack

Here’s a day pack I think works great for 3 season hiking for distances up to 10k and maybe a bit beyond. The Osprey Syncro 15is mainly geared for cycling but can also be used for day hiking during the 3 seasons.

I can easily fit in my 10 hiking essentials and maybe an extra shirt or light fleece when the water reservoir is full. I probably won’t be using this during the winter.

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What I like about this pack:

  1. Light pack (under 1.5 lbs) due to the 100D nylon. Thinner, and not as abrasive as tougher packs.
  2. 2.5L reservoir water bladder
  3. Sits high on your shoulders, weight is well centered.
  4. Air flow for your back and shoulder straps.
  5. hi-viz. I called this color yellow but it’s velocity green
  6. Rain Cover.



Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Adventurer Camo

In this video we will take a quick look at the Victorinox Swiss Army knife adventurer with the camo style nylon handles.

This part of their 111mm series of knives featuring their updated design they’ve introduced several years ago. This knife is a 2 layer tool; there are a few variations with Centurion being the identical one with exception of the side lock vs liner lock.


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