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Taylor Head Provincial Park

Nice medium hike along the Spry Bay trail at taylors head provincial beach, just 30 min further up the show past clam harbour provincial beach.

cell phone reception is good for bell & telus. trails range from beach to backcountry footpath. Although ok for young children & pets, I would recommend leaving them home as the coastline is unspoiled. Access to the trails is available during most of the year. During winter, the gates might be close where you will only have the 9.5km trail available.

Taylor Head Provincial Park, on Nova Scotia’s picturesque Eastern Shore, occupies a rugged wind-swept peninsula jutting six and a half kilometres into the Atlantic Ocean. Taylor Head contains many interesting geological features, a diversity of natural habitats and wildlife species, scenic look-offs, secluded beaches and 16 kilometres of unspoiled coastline. These features provide opportunities for a range of exciting outdoor activities.

Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore was settled in the late 18th century by Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution. Discharged soldiers were also granted land in this area. Originally a seasonal home for fishermen, Taylor Head was inhabited in the early 19th century. The community, dependant on farming, fishing and lumbering, existed until the mid-20th century. A small cemetery in the park is the resting place of several Newcombs who, along with the McCarthys, were among the original families to settle at Taylor Head.

Taylor Head Provincial Park is located on the Eastern Shore, 0.4 kilometres east of Spry Bay, Halifax County, and 11 kilome- tres southwest of Sheet Harbour on Route 7, the Marine Drive.

The park’s numerous hiking trails and walks provide access to a variety of natural habitat and many scenic vistas along the shore of Taylor Head. Expect challenging conditions. Hiking boots or other suitable footwear are required.

The Spry Bay trail, a four kilometre (3 hours return) loop, passes through a coastal forest of spruce and fir, coastal barren dominated by crowberry, wave-swept boulder shores, coastal freshmarsh, and an inland barren. The trail provides magnificent views of Spry Bay and the rugged coastline of Taylor Head.

Bob Bluff trail is a three kilometre (1 hours return) trip. From the north end of Psyche Cove this trail provides several enchanting vistas of Mushaboom Harbour and its many islands.

The six kilometre (3hours return) Bull Beach trail begins at Bob Bluff and winds along the coast to Bull Beach through a spruce-fir forest overlooking Mushaboom Harbour.
All beaches are unsupervised. Never swim alone. Children should be watched closely whenever they are in or near the water. Inflatable swimming aids should not be used.

A two kilometre (1 hour return) Beach Walk traverses the sandy shore of Psyche Cove Beach system. This walk is excellent for bird watching and enjoying the scenic coastal landscapes.

A narrow but deep and fast-flowing stream on the barrier beach marks the end of this trail.

The Headland trail is an eight kilometre (4-5 hours return) loop trail. The first section follows the Spry Bay Trail, then heads off on a rugged but rewarding coastline walk to Taylor Head Point. The trail returns on the opposite side of Taylor Head where it rejoins the Spry Bay Trail.

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