The Gourmet Traveler

This is the introduction video to my YouTube channel, The Gourmet Traveler. In thisvideo, I will provide a bit of background into some of the things I love, why I’m doing this, and what you can expect in the future.




I also talk about the first 2 videos that will follow the intro, which will feature Frédéric Tandy of Charcuterie Ratinaud (@ratinaud_HFX) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I want to thank Jim Cyr (@thecyr) who was a sounding board for ideas on how to create this channel, and who actually helped recording the first 2 videos. Jim is the one who convinced me to start doing beer reviews on his channel about a year ago (check out his channel at for all kinds of information on hiking, running, GPS tutorials, geocaching, and, of course, beer reviews). Since then, we have also been joined by our third accomplice, Todd Beal (@dragonfly_hiker) in these reviews. You should also take a look at Todd’s channel ( ) which features all kinds of outdoor things.

Also make sure you visit where you can find list to the channels above, and more!

As I mention in this intro, I am looking for input and suggestions on future features. Please subscribe and comment, I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Thanks for watching!