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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Climber With Stay Glow Scales

I decided that I needed to purchase my very first swiss army knife a few months ago and saw this model at my local outdoor store. The Victorinox Climber with Stay Glow scales is a nice variation of this popular swiss army knife. When I think swiss army knife, this form & size is what comes to mind. Indeed this size is the most popular with seemingly endless tool configurations. This is a three layer tool and with the glow in the dark scales, was only found in North America. But I assume with online shopping, you can this isn’t a factor anymore.

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The Climber is essentially the Spartan by adding the Scissors. You will know the age of the knife as the multipurpose hook was added after 1991.

After a Few Months of Usage

This is my main monday to friday knife as part of my every day carry. The size while a bit bulky for my pocket, is great as a horizontal carry on my belt. I find that in my urban setting, this is a great alternative to something like the Leatherman Juice Cs4 which other than the pliers & saw I got the tool set I need.


The Tools

Layer Tools
Large Knife Blade
Small Knife Blade
Cap-Lifter/slotted screw-driver/wire-bender
Can Opener/small-slotted screw-driver that works with Phillips also
Back Layer Tools
Reamer/Awl with Sewing-eye
Multipurpose Hook
Keyring/Split-ring attachment point
Scale Tools


Physical Specifications

Length: 91mm
Width: 17mm – Stayglow scales model
Weight: 82.5g – Stayglow scales model

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