What’s In Your Pack – Winter EDC

Time to update my EDC for the winter and I need your comments to see what I’m missing and what not. 



Quick Access & Simplicity

What I wanted to accomplish with this seasonal Every Day Carry is to have something that was:

  1. Quick access
  2. Bare essential items
  3. Have room for items that might be needed based on the outing.

My winter EDC is mostly to handle situations while out for 2 hours while walking the dog or just being outdoors. I plan to wear this EDC everyday.

My items

  • Ribz wear front loading pack
  • personal first aid kit
  • ka-bar becker necker
  • whistle, compass/thermometer & LED light
  • Delorme inReach (instead of a full blown GPS)
  • ice trekkers ice cleats (put that inside the Ribz carry bag)
  • Flashlight
  • cordage with nite-ize biners
  • fire kit (cotton pads, fat wood and fire steel)
  • reflective ribbon
  • food (locally produce Crowbar)

I forgot a few things: bic lighter, hand warmers packs & doggy bags. Let me know what else I forgot in the comments.

Suggestions From YouTube

A number of comments flowed in via the youtube video, here are some that were consistent:

  • Old CD for singaling
  • Orange garbage bag
  • Emergency space blanket
  • First Aid kit for Dog
  • Food for Dog
  • Folding Saw / Multitool
  • Extra batteries

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