Winter Camping – Hammock Gear Testing

From the last hammock video, got some new gear, mainly a mummy sleeping bag and a space blanket to try out. 

This video is mainly for newbies who are starting to get into winter camping or into hammock camping and are looking at ideas or learning from my mistakes 🙂


Bad editing in this video, however some things to learn…

1. Getting into a hammock via a mummy sleeping bag is hard. But gets easier.

2. Space blanket didn’t work out as expected.

3. I skipped the liner, since I had enough issues trying to get in the hammock.

I didn’t use the tarp, and the conditions were -3C with light winds. I felt the cold around my shoulders and waist area. The space blanket didn’t work as I thought it would. I might resort back to using the therma rest to insulate myself from the bottom.