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Yaktrax RUN – Product Review

I decided to spend a little more money this winter and go for the yaktrax run traction device.

The big improvements from the regular yaktrax model are a thicker natural rubber combination of Coils and metal studs and Velcro strapping on the top of your foot. Reflective webbing at the front and a reflective piece in the back allows to be seen for nighttime walking on the street.

I’ve always found that the Yaktrax Walker had a few problems if you were wearing them for running or hiking:

  1. It had a habit or moving around and quite a few times I’ve had these things to the side of my foot after a 5km run.
  2. The rubber wouldn’t last a season.
  3. Would snap off at the slightest contact with a branch or twig.

The best conditions to wear this product is on a complete snow or ice surface. Transitions to gravel or pavement/concrete will shorten the life span. That’s why I see a lot of local runners not use yaktrax only in very specific conditions.

It remains to be seen if this will last longer than the basic yaktrax model. But after using the basic model for years, and knowing how quickly it degrades at the end of the season, this more expensive version might be the thing.

Will it prevent you from slipping? No, there are some surfaces like an ice rink where the studs and coils can’t grab onto anything. Smooth concrete or tiles is extremely slippery with these things on.

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