Black Spruce Beer Review



 The best homebrewed beer we’ve ever had.. Another user submitted Black Spruce Beer from spears104.

This is a modern spruce beer with a nod to the traditional recipe. 6.8% ABV, 60 IBU’s (Chinook, Caramunich, Crystal 120), roast barley and 2 cups of molasses in addition to the 2 row. 8 oz of spruce tips were added at the start of boil and 4 more at flame out. This mellowed out the beer quite a bit.

Spears104 was using only spring tips instead of of the late season. Outdoorsmen who like to chew spruce tips would know that they are very tender.

Tasting this brew was quite an experience, the spruce comes through a very different way, lots of smokey, molasses & liquorice notes and not masked by the malts. This does not taste like a homebrew at all. A very consistent taste from start to finish. Compared to Garrison Spruce Beer, this black spruce takes the game up to another level. By far the best spruce beer I’ve ever tasted.