Category: Craft Beer

  • Cooking Outside Jerk Chicken & Rice in Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    It was such a nice sunny Sunday afternoon that I decided to try a new dish in the dutch oven. I found this great Jerk chicken with Rice recipe that is really very simple and thinking it will be a good option for camp food. LIVE STREAM HIGHLIGHTS 3:51 Putting in the chicken 15:30 Chicken…

  • Cooking Yankee Pot Roast Outdoors in A Dutch Oven

    Easy Pot Roast While At Camp Cooking Yankee pot roast outdoors in a dutch oven is one of the great things about cooking outdoors on a nice day is taking your time and enjoying the smell of the charcoal and food while enjoying a few craft beers. So today I decided to make Yankee Pot…

  • Korean Beef Short Rib Stew In Lodge Dutch Oven

    I’ve been watching a lot of korean soups/stews and I like them. So I decided to try one of them out; this is a beef short rib soup / stew korean style. I found a variation from the traditional dish which is more clear and precise than what I made but equally as good. This…

  • Backpacking Meal Spinach Orzo Soup Using Firebox Stove and Zebra Pot

    Easy Backpacking Meal I wanted to prepare this spinach orzo soup in the dutch oven but after looking at the ingredients; I thought that it would do better as backpacking meal. So I dug out my Firebox wood stove and 10cm Zebra pot and shoved the ingredients into zip lock bags and off we went…

  • Baking a Apple Cranberry Pie Outdoors in A Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Baking An Apple Cranberry Pie Outdoors Is The Best With harvest season almost to a close, I had a bag of fresh cranberries and couldn’t figure out what to make with it. So I looked at my dutch oven and pie plate and thought that a apple cranberry pie would be a nice challenge cooking…

  • Slow Cooked Stout Braised Lamb Shanks in Dutch Oven

    Now this is a killer dish for your  12 inch Lodge dutch oven. It’s a low & slow braised lamb shanks using a stout beer to really bring out the qualities of the lamb. For the beer, I used Picaroon’s Timber Hog, but don’t worry the stout won’t make this a heavy dish at all.

  • Deep Dish Pizza In A Dutch Oven With Yippee IPA

    We try out a deep dish pizza using the cast iron dutch oven. We got two parts to this: the crust & toppings to prepare. I tried to get everything done in the dutch oven, but you’ll need a few bowls. The dough is pretty simple and can be made after you’ve lit the coals.

  • Vinegar Braised Chicken & Black IPA

    What better way to get some outdoor cast iron dutch oven cooking is after a snow storm. After my shoveling was done, I headed out back and got the firepit going. I was going to make a Balsamic Braised Chicken dish. But stumbled onto this variation which included not only Balsamic, but red wine &…

  • Dutch Oven Chili and Stowaway IPA

    Here’s a great base chili that you can augment to your taste/heat. We were camping in Maine and decided that this would provide a great meal. This will feed up to 6 people and cost a little over 20$ to gather all of the groceries.

  • Allagash White – Craft Beer In The Woods

    We reviewed Allagash White while out on a camping trip in Maine. This being one of the standard offerings, meaning that you can find this within the state fairly easy at a store or restaurant. The style is a Witbier, or Belgian Wheat beer. 5% ABV.