Cape d’Or

Quick stop at Cape d’Or lighthouse & Restaurant. This was a manned lighthouse until it was automatized in the 1980’s. Today, the light keeper’s house is now a restaurant and guest house.

Samuel de Champlain visited the Bay of Fundy in 1604 and legend has it that he named this area of cliffs Cap D’Or because the copper reminded him of gold. However, the copper was known to the local Mi’kmaq far before that time. I have heard that artifacts have been found, but have not seen any myself.

In the early 1900’s, the cape was mined for copper by a New York company. When tough times arrived, the mine shut down and the housing units were shipped off across the Minas Basin in other communities.

the Cape is also where you will encounter the Dory Rips, where the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin creates different swirls of current, all hitting the cape in different directions.

Expect to take about an hour to explore. There are 2 walking trails (as per the map at the parking lots) Lookoff & Minas trail. We would suggest walking the look off trail as the Minas Trail is not maintained and can be a hazard.

Plan your visit so that you arrive at low tide to take advantage of the cliffs.

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